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 we’re doing iT LIVE from LA! 

SEP 12-16


Live•Style Fall Show ’23


This first-of-its-kind live show, merges the allure of high fashion with the dynamism of high tech, creating an engaging blend of fashion showcase, entertainment, interactive games, and live shopping.

Seize this pioneering opportunity to launch your Fall collection amidst a fervor of anticipation and excitement. By integrating the glamour of a fashion show with the potency of live-streaming and real-time e-commerce, we invite you to be at the forefront of a transformative shift in fashion commerce.

A Revolutionary Fashion Experience

Experience the grandeur of a fashion runway intertwined with the immediacy of digital commerce. Our dual-channel approach brings a new dimension to your brand’s visibility and customer engagement. The main event, a vibrant hub of runway showcases, fashion talks, games, and entertainment, captivates a global audience eager for the latest Fall fashion.

Meanwhile, our brand sponsors enjoy a dedicated live shopping set, crafted in their branding, fully equipped, and managed by a creative crew. This dedicated set is more than a digital storefront. It’s a fully interactive, live-streamed shopping experience that enhances your brand’s global reach. Engage with customers, respond to queries in real-time, feature detailed product showcases, conduct giveaways, and crucially, boost sales.

Boost Sales, Build Loyalty:
The Power of Live Shopping

By enabling real-time interaction with customers, we minimize the gap between interest and purchase, resulting in higher conversion rates. The immersive nature of our live-streamed shopping experience helps reduce returns, as customers engage with your products in a detailed, authentic setting before buying. What’s more, the direct interaction between brand and consumer fosters a deeper, personal connection, leading to customer loyalty. Harness the future of fashion commerce and experience a new level of ROI with us.

Be a Sponsor – LIVE • STYLES Fall Show ’23

Exclusivity & Early Access: Due to the nature of live production, we offer a limited number of dedicated sets. As a sponsor, you’ll secure a prime spot for your brand in this groundbreaking event, and receive first access to our upcoming Holiday Live Show.

Test the Waters, Risk-Free: If you’ve been considering live shopping or dipping your toes into interactive marketing, this is your perfect opportunity. We take care of the technology and production so you can focus on what you do best – showcasing your products and connecting with your customers.

Make a Splash: Release your Fall collection in a way like never before. Engage customers in a live, interactive experience that will elevate your brand visibility, and generate immediate buzz and sales.

Ride the Trend Wave: Live shopping is a fast-growing trend in the retail industry. Be a trendsetter and show your customers you’re forward-thinking by adopting this innovative approach to marketing and sales.

Better ROI: Experience better conversion rates, fewer returns, and deeper customer connection by interacting with your brand in a personal and exciting way.

Valuable Media Assets: You will receive the video footage of the runway models wearing your Fall collection, alongside high-resolution photos from the professional photoshoot session. This provides a wealth of top-quality content for your future marketing efforts

Let’s redefine the fashion industry together. Your audience is waiting.

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