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Live•Style Fall Fashion ’23



Welcome to Live•Style Fall Fashion ’23, a groundbreaking fusion of high fashion and high tech. This revolutionary event, happening in just 45 days, invites you to join the vanguard of fashion commerce, combining the spectacle of a fashion show with the power of live-streaming and e-commerce.

The Event Format
– A Revolutionary Fashion Experience

Our 5-day festival marks a new era in the fashion industry, bringing together the glitz of a physical runway and the immediacy of e-commerce. By sponsoring Live•Style Fall Fashion ’23, your brand will get its very own dedicated live shopping channel that operates simultaneously with the main event.

This isn’t a mere digital storefront, but a fully interactive, live-streamed shopping experience designed with your branding, and aimed at enhancing your connection with customers on a global scale. Showcase your products, interact in real-time, conduct giveaways, and most importantly, close sales.

Seamless Integration
– Perfect Harmony of Entertainment and Commerce

In a finely choreographed balance, the main event and your brand’s dedicated live shopping channel work together to amplify your exposure and guide engaged customers to your products. Our dedicated team of professionals works diligently behind the scenes, ensuring a seamless and synchronized production, resulting in increased traffic and potential sales for your brand.

A Unique Opportunity

As a leader in your field, you understand the value of staying ahead of industry trends.

Live•Style Fall Fashion ’23 offers a unique opportunity to pioneer an emergent trend in retail – live streaming e-commerce, an innovative blend of interactive shopping and entertainment.

The event transcends traditional physical limitations, converting a brick-and-mortar fashion show into a global streaming party. Our fully equipped, dedicated live production sets will create an individualized shopping channel for your brand, transforming passive viewers into active shoppers. This innovation is designed not only to maximize brand exposure and sales but to deeply engage and interact with your target audience. This isn’t merely a new way to sell; it’s an entirely fresh approach to building brand loyalty and customer relationships.

Don’t Miss Out – Blaze a Trail in the Fashion Industry

This is industry-defining event is poised to revolutionize the way brands connect with their customers. In 45 days, your brand could be at the forefront of this seismic shift, leading the evolution of fashion commerce. But remember, due to the intricacies of live production, we can only accommodate a select number of sponsors in the fashion and beauty industry. Being part of Live•Style isn’t just about being visible. It’s about leading, about making a bold statement of your brand’s innovative spirit. Join us to usher in a new era in the fashion industry. There are only 5 days to create history, make sure you’re part of it. Seize this exclusive opportunity to lead, innovate, and inspire.

Embrace the future of fashion commerce. Limited slots available for Live•Style Fall Fashion ’23. Don’t miss your chance to be part of this game-changing event.

Let’s redefine the fashion industry together. Your audience is waiting.

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