Maximizing the Performance

Now there is a way to create videos that perform without watering down your Brand.


Stay on brand vs. optimize for performance. How about both?
Take the guesswork out of the strategy and use data to see what really performs. With modular shoots we closes the gap between on-brand and high performing videos. Testing multiple variations of the same video allows you to get the best possible return on your video.

Alternate Scripts - Having alternate intros, offers and call-to-actions will help you to find the best combinations to engage your audience and drive them to action.

Talent Variation - Being able to cast multiple talent for the same role will allow you to choose the version that resonates most with your target audience as well as the option to target multiple demographics.

Alternate Products - Instead getting only one marketing video that showcases your flagship product or service, you can get a whole campaign with multiple videos showcasing your different products or service lines.