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Challenges of Video Production Is the Reason Why Videos You Need Is out of Reach

Cost of Production

Nothing bursts the creative idea bubble like finding out the true cost of production. Casting, locations, crew, gear, all cost money. But many of the expenses don’t even contribute to the creative idea, such as catering, permits, etc.

Complex Process

It takes a team of professionals with different disciplines to deal with many parts of the video production process. Hiring and managing the producer, casting director, location scout, director of photography, etc. is a huge task.

Slow Turn-Around

It takes more than a month or two to go from the birth of your creative idea to the shoot day. Finding the talent, the shoot location, developing the script, storyboards, etc. is time-consuming and not friendly with today's fast-paced digital environment.

LiveShoot gives you the High Production Value,
Without the Hard Production Process.

LiveShoot reinvents video production by streamlining the entire process and making it 100% location independent. Now you can get the highly-produced videos your company needs. You have100% control over the creative process without getting entangled with any of the complicated and costly video production processes.

“A regular commercial shoot vs. LiveShoot, I would hands-down say LiveShoot. The cost and the ease of the process for LiveShoot are so much easier. I’ve been on commercial shoots and they are a “challenge...”

Jeff Faehnle

Social Media Strategist